Palos Verdes Peninsula ( All Cities ) October 2015 single family real estate market report

The number of properties listed for sale for the overall Palos Verdes Peninsula at the end of October of 202 properties is 7% higher than the same time last year, and the average number of homes sold per month of 63 over the last 3 months is 1% higher than the comparable period last year. There are 58 homes in escrow at the end of October.

The average price per sq. ft. for homes sold over the last 3 months of $601 per sq. ft. is down 3% from the same compared to the comparable period last year. 
Based on the average monthly sales of 63 homes over the last 3 months, the current inventory of 202 homes for sale equates to a bit more than 3 months inventory, which historically is extremely low. The chart below is based upon the most recent months sales.

The average price of the homes sold on the Palos Verdes Peninsula during the last 3 months averaged $1.8 million, down about 2% compared to the average price of homes sold in the comparable period last year. The average listing price for homes during the last 3 months of $2.7 million is 7% less than the comparable period last year. These statistics show that lower priced homes are selling faster than the higher priced homes.


Days on Market to sell a property has been averaging a bit more than 2 months, and properties are selling at approx. 95% of original list price.

For other market reports for the Palos Verdes Peninsula, go to Market Reports on
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